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Earlier Work (1995 - 2004)


Principal/Lead Interaction Designer for the original AJAX-based version of Yahoo! Mail, used by over 100 million users, world-wide.

My Contributions to Yahoo! Mail

• Created the interaction model and core behaviors -- for the first time, moving Yahoo! Mail away from a full-refresh Web 1.0 model to an interactive application-style experience.

• Created the tabbed messaging system: this enables users to view their inbox, write messages, and view multiple messages at the same time.

• Designed the lion's share of major features.

• Designed the very first integration of Yahoo! Messenger (IM and SMS) into Yahoo! Mail, which was built and launched. As part of the Messenger integration work, my strategic design work resulted in a major change in the Messenger SDK, which allowed for the first time, seeing real-time IM presence of contacts not on the native Yahoo! Messenger list.

• Created the original integrated social features (What's New tab, etc.).

• Created core behaviors, from drag-n-drop to message list functionality, infinite scroll/progressive loading, toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

• Designed integrating the new Yahoo! Address Book (Yahoo! Contacts) into Mail.

• Guided and mentored other interaction designers on the team that worked on the project.

Though Mail continues to beautifully evolve visually and technically, the majority of interactions and behaviors remain largely the same. For more details on the interactions behind Yahoo! Mail, read my interview on, or “A Look into the Interaction Design of Yahoo! Mail: The Pros and Cons of AJAX” (subscription required), Interactions Magazine, April 2007. See