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Earlier Work (1995 - 2004)


About Greg

20 years in high-tech ('91 -'95 software testing days not highlighted on the latest resumé), with 16 of those years in design, Greg is passionate about technology, the internet, how the evolution of both impacts all of us, and designing the best user experiences to best meet the challenges these changes bring.


• Designer of products literally used by millions of people, around the world, daily.
• Team leader and manager.
• Proponent of using design as a tool to drive product vision and strategy.
• Seasoned guide of product, and development teams on building the best user experiences.
• Utilizer of different design approaches depending on different needs and schedules.
• Heavy user of the usual design tools and technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS.

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Note: Not all recent browser-based or mobile-based examples are posted on this site, as they're not yet available to the general public. I'm happy to discuss those in-person.